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The stage lighting configuration little common sense and principle analysis
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Want to do a good job in professional stage lighting equipment, have to know the stage the commonly used light of lamps and lanterns, this is the right to choose a major link in the process of equipment.

1, the surface light: since the audience at the top of the positive to the stage of light, the primary role of positive characters lighting and the whole light shop dyed at all.

2, a slap in the face: located on both sides of the Taiwan esrtuary, sloping into the stage of light, is divided into upper and lower layers, and the first for surface light, strengthen the lighting of the face, add character, scene of stereo feeling。

3, column (also called side light) : since the entablature cast light on both sides, first used in the character or scene on either side of the face illumination, add the stereo feeling, sum up feeling.

4, top light: the light of the above from stage to stage, by the former to the later two rows into a row of top light, top light, three rows of light... Throughout, first used in stage lighting, the enhancement stage illumination, and there are many shine that decide a dot of scene, props, first on top of the light.

Stage 5, backlight: since the inverse direction projection light (such as roof, bridge light shine reverse), can outline the characters, generalization of scene, enhanced stereo feeling and bright feeling, also can be used as a specific light source。

Light: 6, bridge overpass to light the stage which side of the stage, first used in column for light, enhanced stereo feeling, also used in other optical azimuth projection is not convenient, also can be used as a specific light source。

7, feet light: since the entablature counter to the stage in front of the projection of light, first for lighting and eliminate high shining characters such as surface light face and jaw of the shadow.

8, liuhe light: the light of the above and below the awning to awning, first used for lighting and color changes to the awning。

9, light: located on the stage the activity on both sides of the lamp, light first for bridge, or other specific light make up on both sides of the stage light.

10, the spotlight: since the audience or other directions of light, the first to track outstanding artists play or a particular light, and for the host, is the pen of stage art feature, have the effect of gild the lily。


Commonly used lamps and lanterns and features:

1, the spotlight: is the most widely used on stage lighting, one of the first light of the market at present is 1 kw, 2 kw, with 2 kw used most widely。 It shines light, have gathered speckle marginal relatively clear, can a some outstanding, also can expand spot lighting area, as the primary light source, the stage is often used to surface light, a slap in the face, side light and other light。

2, soft light, the light soft and well-balanced, can a some outstanding, and no rigid flare, facilitate a few lamp links up, see more of the 0。3 KW, 1 KW, 2 KW, etc。 Used for light, more activity nearly interval, such as light。

3, back light: it is a kind of reflection type lamps and lanterns, its characteristic is light quality, high intensity of illumination and range far, is an economic and efficient floodlights, see more of the primary is 0.5 KW, 1 KW, 2 KW, etc., most often used with 2 KW.

4, diffused light: the light is diffuse, say, the projection area is large, divided into days of astigmatism and astigmatism, see more of a 0。5 KW, 1 KW, 0。5 KW, 2 KW, etc。, for awning shine more, also can be used in the theatre stage lighting。

5, exterior lights: principle between follow spot and the spot light, is a kind of special lamps and lanterns, first used in the shapes of characters and image projection.

Article 6, feet light (also called light) : the light is soft, wide area. First as to the middle, netscape polishing, coloring, also can be in Taiwan mouth bearing for lighting.

7, light lamps (also called tube lamp), which has been widely used at present, such as PAR46, PAR64 models。 Can be used for the characters and scenes all lighting, also can be directly device on the stage, show to the audience, constitute a lamp array, double stage decoration and lighting。

8, cast view slide show and awning lamp: can constitute all the images on the stage backdrop, and various special function, such as: wind, rain, thunder, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds, etc。

: 9, this is a kind of intelligent DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signal control lamps and lanterns, the light color, light, intensity of illumination is superior to the above practice of lamps and lanterns is in recent years, developed a kind of intelligent lamps and lanterns, often device on the surface light, top light, stage after the steps such as bearing, its operation in color, shape, figure, etc all can work program. Intrusive, as a result of power use to differ on the stage. Usually a small amount of power, only suitable for ballroom is applied, on the stage in a small amount of power wire, flare has often been the spotlight, back light, such as talking about melt, so want to pay attention in the selection.

10, follow spot: it is the lamps and lanterns of stage lights, feature is high brightness, using the lens imaging, can appear clear spot, through regulating the focal length, can change again light spot. Traffic light bar, convenient to change color, light body comfortable operation, etc. Varieties of the market at present is more, marked the target method is not the same, with the power to regulate such as: 1 kw tungsten halogen light source, 1 kw dysprosium illuminant, 1 kw metal halide light source, 2 kw metal halide light source, etc., also has with the specification of interval follow spot (light intensity, intensity of illumination) under certain interval, follow spot such as 8 to 10 m, 15 to 30 m follow spot, 30 to 50 m follow spot, 50-80 - m follow spot, etc., and on the function is divided into: mechanical follow spot, its focus, diaphragm, color change are manually end; Another kind of follow spot for computer, its focus, diaphragm, color change, adjust the color temperature have been push-pull appliances and take the initiative to end, so when selecting for the various targets must be carefully chosen.

The root of the lights is introduced:

A, follow spot

Follow spot is the most common wedding lamp, it is able to follow the couple through manual operation or host a lamps and lanterns。 It can be put in arbitrary azimuth, brake light can change the aperture, adjust the flare intrusive。 Follow spot according to the power of share out bonus 575 kw, 1200 kw, 2500 kw, detailed parameters according to the hotel's intrusive and decided according to the interval of the couple。 Contrast big place, in some places the follow spot high rack from inclined above and under the light will be more conducive to its role in it。

Second, the PAR lamp

PAR64 lamp (that is, the tube lamp) is in addition to the follow spot let's wedding was the lamp, it is often used to make up the characters and the environment light. PAR lamps can be announced strong, fixed, parallel beam. On the basis of the bulb is not the same, it can be divided into three types:

1, the lamp is lit, CP60 it announced to the beam of light is very narrow, concentrating effect comparison.

2, CP61 it is frosted bulb, so can the beam spread more evenly, than CP60 announced to the beam divergence.

3, CP62 it is belt mesh frosted bulb, the light is diffused, announced very soft evenly, contrast CP60, CP61, its beam is the most evenly.

Third, back light

Back light narrow parallel can happen without exact marginal beam, the speckle contrast vague, are uniformly apply to the soft lighting effect, can be use as an area light. It is very suitable for outdoors or larger sites, the projection interval since it is very far, at least 20 meters.

Four, imaging light

Imaging can gain light beam is narrow small, strong sense of direction, marginal clarity of light. Its beam Angle is smaller, the farther range. Imaging light its clear beams is very suitable to build the characters in the dark field and table of flowers and road guide wanted to reflect some of the outstanding beam. It can also like computer moving head light put same GOBO, pictures.

Four, computer moving head light

Can computer moving head light is 360 °, can rotate and regulate the intelligent lamps and lanterns. Its brightness, light spot of intrusive, flare of true and false, intrusive, concentrated and astigmatism, and color of the light beam to change to change, drawings, etc are all can in real time control and change. Computer moving head light is used to make the beam of the foil, the theme of the new LOGO lights, color and picture with hotel environment or the stage. Because of its adjustable rational, so can according to the wedding link and style set in advance good programming and make it one lamp is multi-purpose. It used to make the environment more light.

Five, the LED dyed light

This is a wedding is one of the most disputed the lamp. Dyeing light beam sense is very strong, it has a computer of some functions, such as: stroboscopic, discoloration, etc., with low power. Leds for high color temperature of lamps and lanterns, and use it to do the scene of the ambient light will announced that the color of the light color slants cold, so try to prevent it and low color temperature of lamps and lanterns is projected in the same area.

When using LED dyed light, should try to prevent the projection on the person's face and body, it is more suitable for projection on the stage or channel and wall, can serve as the scene of the ambient light to use. LED dyed light if using suitable, will prevent our article beginning late mentioned photos question.

Six, floodlight

Uniform omni light contrast, the size of the light contrast is large, very suitable for large area shine or landscape lighting。 Set on the top of a row of floodlight is day light, set the following lights in a row we also called。 Floodlight on set used to make cloth curtain more have administrative levels feeling, make the scenery more and more outstanding。

These are the commonly used lights, wedding, of course, I didn't list there are many, such as curtain light, computer color lamp, the audience lights and so on. Originally each kind of lamps and lanterns with it together, let's be on the basis of air, the theme of the wedding colors, links and so on, customers, business accounting, hotel for practical deployment.

Was now a wedding lights according to the role, I habits put them into the characters and the environment light. The scene of the ambient light is all light color, dyeing such as LED light, moving head light, etc., all these we often used. The lamp division is on the basis of links and theme of the wedding planning. To illustrate the point is, the environment light is used to foil the environment, and not as a character to use light, some of the lamp division of the LED lamp as the main light source in face of the couple, the first is the high color temperature of the lamp will make late picture quality is very hard, not soft, there is the color of it can make the couple face the ambient light, so that the couple "color" on the face or body. Was based on the color temperature of doubt, the dream field is mostly in the most general PAR64 lamp adjustable color for dyeing, its price is cheap LED, and so the dyeing of polite, uniform, real, natural, the only is high power consumption, less than some careful power to reach places.

The above said is the environment light, then said people light. A wedding is the main character of light, to ensure that people of the light after we'll to consider the environment light. Character on the basis of light, let's again characterized by the following:

1, positive light located horizontal azimuth 0-10 degrees

2, level position before photometry is located 20-30 degrees

3, side light is located in horizontal azimuth 40-50 degrees

4, metering is located horizontal azimuth 60-90 degrees

5, the backlight is located level bearing 110-120 degrees

6, summarizing light located level bearing 135-135 degrees

7, backlight is located level bearing 170-190 degrees

Positive light: facial plane is very bright, no stereo feeling, the light is not suitable for round square face, but is a strong light reflect characters of youth, younger。

The side light: as for outstanding lamp light, will have the effect of diffusion light, rich layers.

Side light, often used as characters of the main light, about 45 ° Angle of attitude, can accurately control the distribution of light and shadow, is very suitable to follow spot location。

Side light: in theatrical performances, the side light is indispensable, for the form line of artists play a major role。

The backlight: easy to have the sun shining effect, to the side of the nose, cheekbones, brow, highlights the head back, the simple sense of head announced there must.

Summary: light in the character's head and shoulders a barrage of the edge of the light, make the head and set energetic separation, make visual characters no longer close to on the set。

Inverse light: character generalization of the head and shoulders, space character and the set level, in the theatrical performances often used as a light.

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